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Who we are

Welcome to the world of our group company that consists of, Graf & Graf for printing requirements and Hani Group for Coating papers and Films .. Since established in 2005, taking “ Quality, Service, value” as its core values, Our Company is continouosly improving and optimizing it’s products and services ..

Graf & Graf is a trading company that supplies printing factories with Inks, Papers, Machine’s Spare parts, Nyloprint sheets and other printing requirements ..

Hani Group invested an advanced new Hot Melt Coating and laminating line, producing all Kinds of high quality Self Adhesive papers and Films with siliconed glassine liner and craft in both rolls and sheets specially designed for the label sector..

As a Start, We are producing around 1.5 million square meters of self adhesive papers and films per month, with standard size of maximum width of a reel 1020 mm and diffrent lengths, we have 2 slitters, one cutting jumbo reels to diffrenet sizes small reels, and the other cutting the jumbo reels to sheets, assuring the prime quality, as well as improving our annual output to 35 million square meters .. Hany Group is one of the most important models for label designers and printers in Egypt. Our team is a competitive, dynamic and creative group which enables us to easily adapt and keep up with the changes and innovations of the market. This is fundamental for our business, a tight-knit group with an excellent level of professionalism, training and technical specialisation, providing a first rate service to our clients all over the world.

Our Self Adhesive Labels are designed to meet the needs of demanding applications in wide ranges, from food, beverage labeling, pharmacy, cosmetics, logistics, and electronics to tapes, involving more than ten kinds of industries ..

Our work expands widely now, As we owns the second hot melt coating line in Egypt, we became one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers in the Egyptian Market .. and its not enough for us, we are always looking forward for better ..

Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients all their needs of any printing requirements ..